Once again, kindest thanks and gratitude for the extended explanations and details covering incoming questions and remarks from those attempting to grasp the many years of study and research/experience you are willing to share. Most specifically, for maintaining the patience and long-suffering in answering the same questions which we all have but experience in many different ways.

Some of us learn at a delayed pace, but we haven’t given up. We are still moving toward self-governance. Your constant beacon of hope keeps us ever striving for the clarity to make this happen for ourselves and those most dear.

Everything you send is being read and studied, You have sent so much by way of articles, references, books, pdf. your DVD series, websites, etc that it is often difficult to keep up. Trying to follow everything you are wanting us to understand is somewhat like drinking from a fire hose. I am beginning to see that self-governance is not about just having a point of view that one can articulate, it is more about living an accountable lifestyle and becoming free from the inside out.


Email Comment, 3 Jan 2019

~Peter B

Your level of knowledge and legal experience in this arena is unmatched by anyone, and I am very thankful to be able to communicate with you thus building my own personal understand and knowledge base.


Email Comment, 2 Jan 2019

~Nicholas R

I found you through Sarah Westall and I bought your DVD set. I’m about 2/3 through everything, including the books, videos, and general surfing through dictionaries and the Law of Nations. In your “Don’t Do This” section you mention about emailing privately. So I find myself doing just that. You’re my mentor even though you don’t know me. I appreciate all the work you’ve done and finding a way to get it out. Technology. Technology woke me. 


Email , 28 Nov, 2018

~Tracy W

I have been following all this series of interviews and find them very interesting. Big thank to Sarah and David. I will be picking up your DVD’s soon to start studying your materials for a better understanding of how all these things work. Big thumbs up!!



YouTube Comment, December 2017

~Nicholas R

The truth has a way of settling in your heart and its felt all the way to the bones! Well done.


YouTube Comment , December 2017

~David M

Dear Sarah, Please tell David thank you for his time. It was invaluable to me. 


YouTube Comment , December 2017

~Cedric B

David, I am sending this only as a thank you. Incomplete alignment with your work. I am trying to get our founder Mark E in touch with you for a possible collaboration. 


Email, 24 Jan, 2018

~Pouvre T

I want to thank you for the immense amount of information provided on the right to self-determination and the compelling reasons to exercise this right. In my own studies of UCC and citizenship methodologies to extricate oneself from the unrighteous king rule, I found that my instinct was to run away as none could provide adequate proof of success. You, however, have given such proof in the documents you possess that confers the title of a foreign dignitary.


Email, 24 April 2018

~David F

Thanks for the in-depth review… J I have not done any radio or internet interviews/broadcasts with Doug but I did talk about the statute of Westminster and the BNA act in 2010 with others and in forums, I was participating in at that time but you adding the function of suzerainty shines a different light on the subject. Thank-you again for replying to my emails and giving your knowledge and insight into your area of expertise.


Email, 09 June 2018


Prime Minister David Williams, we’ve been watching your work and have been impressed with your non-stop commitment to bringing truth and justice to this world. Getting out of the system is a goal we share. One informed of the truth would be hard pressed to say you are not cutting edge in that regard. Mark asked me specifically to contact you to explore the idea of us collaborating in a way that would allow our efforts at the Lighthouse to help you grow and spread your reach faster


Email, 13 June, 2018

~Lighthouse Law

Great interview with David as always Sarah. I have purchased “The Law of Nations”, and I am finally getting answers to my “why” questions concerning the actions and non-actions of the Sovereignty. After reading some of the posts, I truly hope people start taking measures to research the things David is telling us.

YouTube Comment, June 2018

~Vern B

DVD are well worth the money. I’ve purchased and watched all. To learn everything on my own would have cost a lot more in time and research. I could talk to this guy for hours, and in fact, have. If you combine all your shows with David, you are only scratching the surface. What a great teacher.


YouTube Comment, July 2018

~Tminus 5

WOW!!! I’m s\o very happy you had Prime Minister David Williams back!!! Truth & transparency. Oh my, one of the best guest you have EVER interviewed in my not so humble opinion. 

YouTube Comment, July 2018


Can I get some info about how to join or volunteer with the DOM? I like your philosophy, and Prime Minister Williams is a brilliant person. The first time I saw prime minister Williams was on Sarah Westall YouTube channel. I was blown away not just at the facts and information he had but the fact that he was able to connect the dots and explain it logically and realistically.


Facebook, 07 Dec, 2018

~Mathew H

Thank you for the help, David. you guys are great at 3keystofreedom.comand the DVDs are worth it 100 times over. I’m going slow but am on it for life and will teach my kids how to be in this world on a better footing now. peace brother.

YouTube Comment, August 2018

~Luke T

I love this guy. The best guy you’ve had on your show yet. That last video blew my mind, especially how he was deciphering the different words and their meanings. I knew a lot of the stuff he had mentioned but just when you think you know something ya learn something new. How do I follow this guy?


YouTube Comment, October 2018

~Dan R

Thank you, Sarah and David. I paid much attention to David some years ago and learned much. I learned about honor and dishonor, how things came to be the way they are and that I was in no position to get out of the matrix while I am dependent on state benefits, schools, hospitals etc… It has actually made me a more honorable and responsible person, albeit one that is state owned.


YouTube Comment, July 2018

~Sam Phi

Dear Mr. David Williams, I am highly impressed with your genius and know-how solution to get out of the slavery matrix. Although I have spent many years studying Gordan Maxwell, law, other-law \\\”experts\\\”, but none really offers a solution. You obviously have found the way out, to obtain self-determination, immunity, and equity. Can you please advise, or provide a \\\”road map\\\” plan in 4 steps to obtain independence. Sincerely Yours Rudi.


Email, 03 Nov, 2018

~Rudi M

You guys are awesome. I have been researching this stuff for more than a decade, and have never seen anyone understand, explain, and tie it all together like David Williams. Most important is he shows how to apply this knowledge to real life. Wisdom. How can I join the Dominion of Melchizedek?


Email, 13 Nov, 2018

~Mathew H

@Matrix Solutions damn you know a lot. Important life lessons we all should know a little of. At least to protect ourselves. Ignorance is no excuse you said. Very true but the heart must be willing to learn. You seem like a mentor. A cool person to know. If I said God bless you. I hope you wouldn’t get upset. Thank you for sharing some of your knowledge. 


YouTube Comment, 06 Dec, 2018

~Kinder Spirit Balls

After accidentally ordering the On-going Training membership twice and receiving a refund, Israel’s response was “Thanks for the refund. Even though education is worth more than $25 a month”.




Email, 13 Sept, 2018


~Israel T

@Matrix Solutions WOOOOOOW…Thank you for sharing that knowledge. It did not fall on deaf ears!

😵 WOW! 💥💥💥my mind is so BLOWN right now. I subscribed to your channel 😃 I like what you are doing. You have lots of truth that the world needs to hear. I mean people gotta start somewhere somehow to grasp truth in this World. Keep up the good work. I appreciate your work.




YouTube Comment, 06 Dec, 2018