Dr. Painter on Progress in Haiti: Part I

Original Call:

May 17, 2019


David Williams
Dr. Dewey Painter

In today's Phone-Cast, David has a conversation with Dr. Painter, the DoM's Minister of Education and Humanitarian Aid. Dr. Painter completed his visit to Haiti in order to further discussions about Diplomatic Relations with DoM. 



Dr. Painter on Progress in Haiti: Part I

by MSNetwork | Phone-Cast

About This Phone-Cast:

The DoM continues to build relations with the peoples of Haiti. Through the efforts of Dr. Dewey Painter, Mission Harvest America, and the DoM, the Haitian people have benefited from the humanitarian aid provided to them. As we move forward, setting up education in Haiti and formalizing Diplomatic Relations is of utmost interest to the DoM. 

In this audio, you will hear Dr. Painter discuss his latest trip to Haiti and the various projects he has been working on over the past several years. This Phone-Cast is public so individuals can see that David Williams and the DoM don't just teach about Self-Determination, they are exercising it every single day. More conversations regarding our efforts moving forward with Haiti will be coming out. Enjoy this audio. there is a lot to learn from it. 

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