Discussing Keith Livingway’s Claims & Slander


David Williams
Bryan Parker
John Herndon

Today's Phone-Cast has two parts. The first conversation is 38-minutes and the second is 44-minutes. Both focus on Keith Livingway and the nonsense he is spreading about the United States Government being illegitimate; which places him and his group squarely on the "Sovereign Citizen Domestic Terrorist" list.  The main focus, however, was to address the false legal premise so that you and others understand why this "illegal activity" is so dangerous.  Obviously, slander and unsubstantiated claims Keith has made against David and the DoM are mentioned but not as important as BEING RIGHT ABOUT THE LAW. Further detail and background can be found below.




Discussing Keith Livingway's Claims & Slander

by MSNetwork | Phone-Cast

About This Phone-Cast:

This particular Phone-Cast is the culmination of multiple events which transpired over the course of a month and a direct result of an attempt to defame and slander David. Keith Livingway chose to personally and publically attack David due to a response made by David in a Facebook group regarding Keith and his organization. There was no advanced warning and no chance to defend any claims brought against him. 

Since the broadcast, a number of individuals have contacted David via phone and Email. The two conversations above are the initial step in confronting Keith Livingway's legal fallacies and blatant lies about his "alleged legal process".  A more complete examination of Keith's illegal and dangerous process will be done in the near future and available to the Network. 

BACKGROUND - Around the beginning of April, David listened to an interview on Sarah Westall's channel with Lynn Schmaltz. In this interview, Lynn mentions joining a group who calls themselves "The Government of the United States of America 1781". They also go by the name "The Reign of the Heavens".  Shortly after listening to that interview, this group and their illegal process and false premises were brought up again in a Facebook group "Tactical Sovereignty". 

The organizer of this group and their fallacious arguments is a gentleman named Keith Livingway (whom "we" have had experience with in the past).  At this point, David posts a response debunking this organization and providing specific facts showing the fraud and OUTRIGHT LIES being perpetrated by the leaders of this organization. 

Shortly thereafter, Keith Livingway chose to slander David on one of his shows and continued his slander on a community call with his members (which we have a recorded copy).  These two recorded phone conversations touch upon several aspects relating to this organization and Keith specifically. 

(1). The false and illegal premises upon which the entire T-ROH and USA1781 arguments are based. 

(2). The double-mindedness and blatant LIES of Keith Livingway and his FALLACIOUS philosophies.

(3). The overall problem when dealing with Trolls and so-called "legal gurus" who have no CHAIN OF TITLE, NO STANDING, and no proof to back up their ludicrous claims. 


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