Matrix Solutions Network or (“MSNetwork”) is a membership-based website where members get access to the entire network of information, publications, presentations, debates, and podcast across a wide range of topics and categories. David Williams started Matrix Solutions in 2010 with the goal to show people the truth about the world they live in from a legal and contractual perspective on the one hand while challenging others to prove him wrong so he can come to a better understanding himself.

In 2014, David stepped back from adding content to Matrix Solutions in order to continue building business and educate himself further. He has been interviewed over a dozen times and today, he has well over 20k hours (independently) of study in law, philosophy, and business. He is more refined and is as focused as ever to educating people.

Matrix Solutions Network is a collection of "Channels" designed to separate certain types of discussions and training. Some channels have more content than others. This will change moving forward. 


David is an expert in national, international, and contract law. In 1999, he became disenfranchised (and disgusted) with the U.S. Legal, Monetary, and Taxation systems. His moral dilemma was exacerbated when the United States seized 300 million Dollars from 3,100 investors who had funds parked in the Cayman Island … supposedly “being” protected through “offshore entities”. Being one of the investors who lost over $600K, the asset seizure drove David to research and study all aspects of jurisdiction, procedure, law and the rules used to govern our Planet. This process involved intensive discipline in unlearning (false knowledge) and relearning (the truth).

From 1999 up until 2004. I watched a lot of "so-called" smart, brilliant people go to prison. I will tell you that THE ONLY REASON people go to prison is for being wrong. (wrong about life, and law, and who they think they are...ie: Their STANDING)

Since being on this path, I have:

(1)  sued 3 Federal Judges,
(2) 3 Federal Clerks,
(3) 1 NC District Judge and Clerk,
(4)  12 "Private Attorneys”, and
(5) 5 financial institutions...including MetLife, First Union, Wachovia, & Prudential Life...
(6) I also wrote Federal Court claims against the IRS and 3 agents in the Eastern District Court of the United States for the State of North Carolina.

Then, 21 of "us" wrote a Tort claim against the IRS and the U.S. that 15 of us personally delivered to the Supreme Court in DC on Dec. 6th of 2004.

I have NEVER been raided or arrested or charged with anything. Further, once I accepted an Ambassadorial Appointment to a foreign State and extended my Declarations to them..They now write to me as Ambassador c/o Diplomatic Mission.


I've been down every Rabbit Hole created...and every DRAGNET of the "Illegal Patriot Remedies" that are out here. It's more than a little frustrated to see all of this FALSE CRAP regurgitated...time and time again; because I know that the "end of the U.S. Dragnet" of "illegal false claims"...is PRISON.

(and They are never in a hurry; I've seen them wait 20 years for men like with Winston Shrout; who everyone told me would BEAT THE U.S.)

AND...every single time...it will be reported by the Paytridiot Gurus that it is the SYSTEM THAT IS CORRUPT...and NOT THE FALSE FOUNDATIONS on which they built and made their stupid alleged "legal" claims.


Today David teaches/trains other entrepreneurs on how to live with more freedom and increased asset protections based on international rights and protocols. He has been interviewed numerous times over the past decade and a quick “Google” for “David Williams” & “self-determination” populates thousands of search results. One of his major claims is that (at no matter what level) he demystifies the “LAW” by turning every rule, every procedure, and every action back to the arena of CONTRACT.

In 2006, David became Ambassador-at-Large for a small society. Since becoming an Ambassador, he has been recognized for Human Rights work by other countries and by the United States. In 2012, international land claims were ceded to him and he accepted the role of Prime Minister for that society. Through no real design of his own, David has become the spokesperson for the international right of self-determination in the western hemisphere.

An ancient maxim claims that “knowledge will forever govern ignorance”. David’s Solution; “if you don’t like the government of the MATRIX you found yourself in by ACCIDENT OF BIRTH; then exit by becoming your own Governor.”