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Matrix Solutions Network or (“MSNetwork”) is a membership-based website where members get access to the entire network of information, publications, presentations, debates, and podcast across a wide range of topics and categories. David Williams started Matrix Solutions in 2010 with the goal to show people the truth about the world they live in from a legal and contractual perspective on the one hand while challenging others to prove him wrong so he can come to a better understanding himself.

In 2014, David stepped back from adding content to Matrix Solutions in order to continue building business and educate himself further. He has been interviewed over a dozen times and today, he has well over 20k hours (independently) of study in law, philosophy, and business. He is more refined and is as focused as ever to educating people.

Matrix Solutions Network is a collection of “Channels” designed to separate certain types of discussions and training. Some channels have more content than others. This will change moving forward. 

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Nicholas R.

Your level of knowledge and legal experience in this arena is unmatched by anyone, and I am very thankful to be able to communicate with you thus building my own personal understand and knowledge base.

Email Comment, 2 Jan 2019

Cedric B.

Dear Sarah, Please tell David thank you for his time. It was invaluable to me. 

YouTube Comment, December 2017

Lighthouse Law

Prime Minister David Williams, we’ve been watching your work and have been impressed with your non-stop commitment to bringing truth and justice to this world. Getting out of the system is a goal we share. One informed of the truth would be hard pressed to say you are not cutting edge in that regard. Mark asked me specifically to contact you to explore the idea of us collaborating in a way that would allow our efforts at the Lighthouse to help you grow and spread your reach faster

 Email, 13 June 2018

Vern B.

Great interview with David as always Sarah. I have purchased “The Law of Nations”, and I am finally getting answers to my “why” questions concerning the actions and non-actions of Sovereignty. After reading some of the posts, I truly hope people start taking measures to research the things David is telling us.

YouTube Comment, June 2018

Tminus 5

DVD are well worth the money. I’ve purchased and watched all. To learn everything on my own would have cost a lot more in time and research. I could talk to this guy for hours, and in fact, have. If you combine all your shows with David, you are only scratching the surface. What a great teacher.


YouTube Comment, July 2018

Dan R.

I love this guy. The best guy you’ve had on your show yet. That last video blew my mind, especially how he was deciphering the different words and their meanings. I knew a lot of the stuff he had mentioned but just when you think you know something ya learn something new. How do I follow this guy? 

YouTube Comment, October 2018

Rudi M.

Dear Mr. David Williams, I am highly impressed with your genius and know-how solution to get out of the slavery matrix. Although I have spent many years studying Gordan Maxwell, law, other-law \\\”experts\\\”, but none really offers a solution. You obviously have found the way out, to obtain self-determination, immunity, and equity. Can you please advise, or provide a \\\”road map\\\” plan in 4 steps to obtain independence. Sincerely Yours Rudi.

 Email, 03 Nov 2018